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Wednesday, February 1, 2012 FOR SALE, Ready for Accelerated Rebirth and Growth + January Tweets

Dear Health Friends-

The international complementary/alternative/holistic/integrative health site,, was on the verge of shutting down, but with "with a little help form our friends," it survived.

Instead of putting the "ol' horse" to sleep, we decided the "ol' speeder" could be easily refurbished into a serious machine by an enterprising individual or group. We could take a small down payment then monthlies after that.

So, the decision was made to put it up FOR SALE rather than turn it off to the 1000's of people it serves monthly. It does have a FOR SALE background on nearly every page, but a little hint: the background disappears when printing.

The member lists (without FOR SALE) and paid websites will continue without interruption.

The three CompWellness Yahoo Groups are nearly merged into 21cWellness.

Here's an exact tweet-sized message for you to post on as many social networks as you wish:

Int'l complementary health site FOR SALE * Many features/opportunities ready for massive accelerated growth/profit *

By the way, we're using HootSuite to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Follow us there for a couple of excellent health messages or "Re-Tweets" each day.

Many of our Tweets follow from late December and January

@mercola: Monsanto to Face Biopiracy Charges in India. GMOs 31 Jan

Note "Startup Loans for Entrepreneurs With Bad Credit" Feedback appreciated. 31 Jan

@mercola: I recommend searching for a high-quality, 100% organic-based turmeric supplement. 31 Jan

@mercola: Victory for Virginia on reversing previous requirement about girls receiving HPV vaccines before 6th grade! 31 Jan

@mercola: Contrary to the claim, genetic engineering has not increased the yield of a single crop. GMOs 31 Jan

@BrianTracy: Ditch your bad habits. Develop helpful habits of success by practicing & repeating success behaviors till they become automatic 31 Jan

@mercola TAKE NOTE: The HPV vaccine has NOT been proven to actually prevent cervical cancer. 30 Jan

@Rareearthwatch: WTO Rejects Chinese Appeal of Ruling Against Curbs on Raw-Material Exports: The US Energy Dept 30 Jan

@mercola There's overwhelming evidence points out that vitamin D deficiency is crucial in cancer development. 30 Jan

@mercola The Worthless Way to Prevent Cancer 30 Jan

@Forbes: What one Massachusetts Tax Watchdog says about 'RomneyCare' 30 Jan

@mercola Don't Swallow This for Diabetes - Even If a Celebrity Chef, Paula Deen, Hawks It. 30 Jan

@mercola Good sources of bone-strengthening silica are cucumbers, bell peppers, and tomatoes. food naturalhealth 30 Jan

@mercola Why you can't truly reach your peak until you embrace Peak Fitness… 29 Jan

@mercola: Sunlight protects against cancer by stimulating the production of vitamin D. 29 Jan

@mercola Using Primitive Wisdom to Radically Improve Your Health 29 Jan

@mercola Is Nerve Damage The Rule, Not the Exception With Cholesterol Meds? heart health 27 Jan

@mercola One of the best forms of exercise to protect your heart is short bursts of exertion, then periods of rest. 26 Jan

@Mercola A cardio workout may damage your right ventricle; a high-intensity interval training is a better option. 26 Jan

@Mercola Establishing normal gut flora in the 1st 20 days or so ... plays a crucial role in your baby's immune system. 24 Jan

@Mercola Studies now demonstrate that your child's diet has a direct impact on his or her cognitive function. 24 Jan

@Mercola: Grains (except Rice) Rob Your Brain Power - Avoid It for Clearer Thinking Food 23 Jan

@Roland_Thomas BAC Academy 2012 - book now for webinar / teleconference - join and meet Roland Thomas, ND and Michael Kiriac, PhD 9 Jan

@Mercola Independent Diagnostic Centers Can Stretch Your Healthcare Dollar health 22 Jan

CONGRATULATIONS Laura Dekker on your historic round-the-world solo sailing trip at 16 years old! Go, go young people! 22 Jan

@mercola Eating Grain Can "Tear Holes" in Your Gut. food health 21 Jan

@DrFuhrman Once you are eating healthfully, your body becomes intolerant of junk foods 17 Jan

@Mercola As Bad as Cocaine and Amphetamines - Will Authorities Now Force This Drug on Your Child? 18 Jan

@Mercola For a child with ADHD, consider a natural drug alternative such as the pine bark extract known as pycnogenol. 18 Jan

@Mercola Minimize your use of nearly all processed fats, especially trans fats as they disrupt nerve cell intercommunication. 18 Jan

@Mercola HEALTHBIT: Drugs are known to cause well over 100,000 deaths per year when taken as prescribed. 18 Jan

@Mercola World Health Organization Urges Phasing Out of Dental Amalgam. 17 Jan

@Mercola How to Starve Cancer Out of Your Body - Avoid These Top 4 Cancer-Feeding Foods. 14 Jan

@DrFuhrman Are you well-rested? Do you know the consequences of not getting enough sleep? 13 Jan

@Mercola Exercise May Encourage Healthy Eating Via Brain 13 Jan

@mercola Eat Like a Caveman [or wild animal, and don't watch much TV] to Protect Your Brain From Shrinking. diet 7 Jan

@Mercola New Study on Fluoride Shows No Benefits and Major Safety teeth health 3 Jan

@Mercola Why You Should Avoid Soy Like the Plague. food 2 Jan

@Med_Tourism "When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money." ~Susan Heller 30 Dec

@Mercola Are you getting enough vitamin D? If not, be sure to read health 29 Dec

@Med_Tourism 12 trips to save for in 2012 tourism 30 Dec

@Mercola Chiropractors and Naturopaths - Are They Dangerous? natural 30 Dec

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