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Friday, December 25, 2009

Healthcare "Reform" Bill Analysis

Merry Christmas - I have a gift for you!           UPDATED

I've recently discovered a complete, concise analysis of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) JUST PASSED in the Senate, and could very soon be passed to a joint House and Senate conference. This will affect every person in the United States for years and years.  See An Analysis of the Senate Democrats’ Health Care Bill.

It is by the conservative Heritage Foundation, but this is important to balance the current liberal government. However, they DO NOT put down complementary healthcare, instead deal with the cost and freedom issues:

  • True NET cost of the PPACA - $2.5T over 10 years, $5T over 20
  • Sneaky tax increases to mildly pay for the costs
  • Restrictions on our healthcare choices - conventional to start, then what?
  • Documented by respected researchers, newspapers, Congressional Budget Office and Democratic Senators. 
It is a quick read, with massive eye-openers. You'll know what to do next to protect yourself and your grandchildren.

NOTE:  As mentioned in a previous post, Dr Mercola has an excellent article on the many problems with the bill in its current state [from the House].

Excellent articleThe Forgotten Component of Complementary Medicine:  "What is missing in most [health] programs is the active component: movement patterns that are utilized to create dramatic systemic and cardiovascular changes." 

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving, Political Wellness and Financial Wellness

     Let's give thanks for what we have, and make sure we maintain and grow.  Freedom requires vigilence.

Political Wellness
     As the Healthcare Reform Bill is being debated and modified in the US Senate, it seems like every possible faction has something pointed and confusing to say about the Bill:  constitutionalists, the White House, party leaderships, AARP, women voters league, left and right media, single-payers, holistic media and the alternative press. 
    Facts seem more like opinions and interpretations than something we can trust or use to make our own decisions.

If YOU find a relatively impartial digest of the current Senate and House Bill's features, along with some pros, cons and costs - much like the League of Women Voters does on admendments each election - please forward the link(s) to us by email or comment.  Thank you.

     In any case, voice your opinions to your US representatives and groups with lobbyists to ensure healthcare choices, wellness programs, minimal control by our governments and un-restricted access to non-perscription drugs - basically health choice freedom.

Financial Wellness - for you and others less fortunate
     See the Prosper Systems Blog for continuing coverage of financial growth options, including help for those who want a little extra income or need replacement income for a lost job.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

ALERTS: Healthcare Bill Passes House + H1N1 Vaccine Dangers


Google Healthcare Bill Passes November 8 to see the many stories, analyses and Senate plans.  There's not enough in the bill about wellness or working with the Alternative Medical community (I like the term Complementary to encourage cooperation) – mostly just broadening the same failed system.  Dr Mercola has an excellent article on the many problems with the bill in its current state. 

Hopefully, our Senators will radically improve the bill - but will need to hear from us to be encouraged to do that.

Just posted on our 21st Century Wellness eLetter

HEALTH ALERT:  Please be aware of the dangers of the H1N1 vaccine.
Google H1N1 Vaccine Dangers for yourself.   Add Mercola in the keywords to see his learned MD take on the issues. 
Also add Incao, or see and scan for Vaccine articles.  Dr Incao has been studying, writing and lecturing about vaccines for several years, especially regarding children.

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I've found you some great Free Business Resources from Robert Allen and his Enlightened Wealth Institute (EWI), including Free 3-day Summits on Multiple Streams of Income, such as one in Denver, Nov 12-14!  See Prosper Systems Blog for a summary.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NEW State-of-the-Art Marketing Paradigms + BLASTOFF

Dear Wellness Enthusiasts and Business Owners:

I'm using credible, validated Affiliate Marketing Programs more and more because they:

  • Provide a robust service  the public and wellness businesses that come to
  • Implement multiple streams - or rivers - of income using other service/product providers' months and years of web development
  • Expand the influence of in the health and wellness community.
As you will read in my Prosper Systems Blog, use of Direct Internet Marketing or Affiliate Programs seems to go counter to our concept of hard work to yield income. 

However, it is not much different than setting up a business with great management and simply accounting for the income ... except there is much smaller expense and time costs.

Break the paradigm that hard work is required to make a living, and investigate Internet and Affiliate Marketing. 

Comment this or the Prosper Systems Blog with your questions and ideas.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009 + Four Components of Wellness


Good Evening! 

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Everything we talk about is based on the four Components of Wellness

Fitness – your body needs 20-30 minutes of exercise about 5 days per week. About 60% of US adults do not exercise enough and 25% not at all; for US youth, the numbers are 50% and 15%.

Nutrition – what and how much you consume effects how you feel, how long you'll live, and how you deal with illness and disease. It includes healthy foods, supplements and the all-important water.

Attitude – regular non-physical exercise of the mind and spirit effects your mental and emotional state. This integrates your Fitness and Nutrition efforts.

Help – regular visits to healthcare professionals who assist you to a healthy state as well as customize your wellness plan.

Let's Make It a Great 2009, Kent
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