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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NEW State-of-the-Art Marketing Paradigms + BLASTOFF

Dear Wellness Enthusiasts and Business Owners:

I'm using credible, validated Affiliate Marketing Programs more and more because they:

  • Provide a robust service  the public and wellness businesses that come to
  • Implement multiple streams - or rivers - of income using other service/product providers' months and years of web development
  • Expand the influence of in the health and wellness community.
As you will read in my Prosper Systems Blog, use of Direct Internet Marketing or Affiliate Programs seems to go counter to our concept of hard work to yield income. 

However, it is not much different than setting up a business with great management and simply accounting for the income ... except there is much smaller expense and time costs.

Break the paradigm that hard work is required to make a living, and investigate Internet and Affiliate Marketing. 

Comment this or the Prosper Systems Blog with your questions and ideas.

Read my updated Prosper Systems Blog on the NEW 21st-Century Marketing Paradigms, featuring the just-launching FREE, state-of-the-art CASH-BACK SHOPPING / News / Entertainment / Social Network WEB PORTAL know as BLASTOFF.

Let's make it a Great Finale to 2009,


P.S. Nothing NEW is ever communicated/sold on the first effort.

"Most People look into a gold mine and can only see the dirt" --Wise Sage

..... Be one of the Few People who SEE and GET the GOLD --Kent

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