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CompWellness Full-Spectrum Healthcare

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Thursday, August 27, 2009 + Four Components of Wellness


Good Evening! 

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Everything we talk about is based on the four Components of Wellness

Fitness – your body needs 20-30 minutes of exercise about 5 days per week. About 60% of US adults do not exercise enough and 25% not at all; for US youth, the numbers are 50% and 15%.

Nutrition – what and how much you consume effects how you feel, how long you'll live, and how you deal with illness and disease. It includes healthy foods, supplements and the all-important water.

Attitude – regular non-physical exercise of the mind and spirit effects your mental and emotional state. This integrates your Fitness and Nutrition efforts.

Help – regular visits to healthcare professionals who assist you to a healthy state as well as customize your wellness plan.

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