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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving, Political Wellness and Financial Wellness

     Let's give thanks for what we have, and make sure we maintain and grow.  Freedom requires vigilence.

Political Wellness
     As the Healthcare Reform Bill is being debated and modified in the US Senate, it seems like every possible faction has something pointed and confusing to say about the Bill:  constitutionalists, the White House, party leaderships, AARP, women voters league, left and right media, single-payers, holistic media and the alternative press. 
    Facts seem more like opinions and interpretations than something we can trust or use to make our own decisions.

If YOU find a relatively impartial digest of the current Senate and House Bill's features, along with some pros, cons and costs - much like the League of Women Voters does on admendments each election - please forward the link(s) to us by email or comment.  Thank you.

     In any case, voice your opinions to your US representatives and groups with lobbyists to ensure healthcare choices, wellness programs, minimal control by our governments and un-restricted access to non-perscription drugs - basically health choice freedom.

Financial Wellness - for you and others less fortunate
     See the Prosper Systems Blog for continuing coverage of financial growth options, including help for those who want a little extra income or need replacement income for a lost job.

I'm here for you ... call about any health concern, anything you plan to buy or your next business adventure!


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