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Friday, December 25, 2009

Healthcare "Reform" Bill Analysis

Merry Christmas - I have a gift for you!           UPDATED

I've recently discovered a complete, concise analysis of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) JUST PASSED in the Senate, and could very soon be passed to a joint House and Senate conference. This will affect every person in the United States for years and years.  See An Analysis of the Senate Democrats’ Health Care Bill.

It is by the conservative Heritage Foundation, but this is important to balance the current liberal government. However, they DO NOT put down complementary healthcare, instead deal with the cost and freedom issues:

  • True NET cost of the PPACA - $2.5T over 10 years, $5T over 20
  • Sneaky tax increases to mildly pay for the costs
  • Restrictions on our healthcare choices - conventional to start, then what?
  • Documented by respected researchers, newspapers, Congressional Budget Office and Democratic Senators. 
It is a quick read, with massive eye-openers. You'll know what to do next to protect yourself and your grandchildren.

NOTE:  As mentioned in a previous post, Dr Mercola has an excellent article on the many problems with the bill in its current state [from the House].

Excellent articleThe Forgotten Component of Complementary Medicine:  "What is missing in most [health] programs is the active component: movement patterns that are utilized to create dramatic systemic and cardiovascular changes." 

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