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Friday, February 1, 2013

True Life Purpose

Hello Beautiful People of Earth.   This is Vickie Eaton, the new face of
Kenton and I met a few months ago, we clicked right away.  Kenton was ready to go for new adventures in the far land opportunities, while I was in search for a place to fulfill my healing destiny practice.
So we connected, and so here we are.
In my grand desire to update, I got to know Rommel Pendre and his team.  And we became a team.  We are rebuilding, the desire and purpose is to bring people and healer practitioners together locally, nationally and internationally.  It is also be a place to respect and connect both Western and Eastern Medicine, as we in society together, as we are on Earth together.
My friend Sylvia and I were going to record the first blog called True Life Purpose some weeks ago, but for whatever reason, we never did.  Kenton did the last blog introducing me and it takes me until today to formerly saying Hello to you.

Hello, Beautiful People on Earth!  Or should I say: Hello All 12 Race on Earth?  Anyway, Hello and Welcome!

The other day Sylvia and I had a conversation about finding our TRUE purpose, Sylvia Vega Ortiz is a wonderful healer practitioner, and she has so many talents and has helped me in many ways with Mother and other personal things.  
We were talking about abundance, Sylvia said:  It is amazing that one can have so much abundance and not enough prosperity!!!  We rolled on the floor laughing.   It is true; one can have so much abundance and yet still be the starving artists, especially in Healer Practitioner field.  I think it may be the new name to replace “Unknown Talented Artists” or Starving Artists long time ago.
We asked the question WHY we have so many challenges many times in our life.

Well, perhaps that is because we do not follow our True Purpose? Then what is our true purpose?  How do we find it? How do we know it is our Truth?  What makes it our Truth?  How do we go about to live, work and fulfill our purpose on Earth on this third dimension? How do we move forward?  What are the tools and knowledge we should use? How do we know it help people?  Etc. etc….

Big questions, No easy answers! 
Sylvia also mentioned that if the Root Chakra, “the tail bone” is not in alignment with the body for some reason, and it would be harder to achieve True Purpose.
So, on that premises, I went to see a Chiropractor Dr. Wulster of Denville, NJ last month to check out my tailbone.  Amazing, I found out that my neck bone is locked, my lower back bone is also lock solidly and my tail bone is crooked.    I am pretty healthy you know, and these findings are totally new and surprising.  WOW.  Since then, with the help of wonderful Dr. Wulster, the curve on my neck came back; I do not have shoulder and lower back pain anymore.
Then I met Dr. Jack Herd and Debra Cruel, Dr. Steven, John Altshuler, Levelle, Dexter… The Laminine team with this awesome Dietary Supplement… My circle just expands 10 folds because of this wonderful team and this wonder product.  Could this Laminine be a miracle dietary supplement that would help millions of people?  May be, May be Not, I am using it now and will find out and will report to you soon.
Well, come back to questions and answers of True Life Purpose:  We have lots of questions, not too many answers, BUT, we are continuing to work on them.  J .  Come, please and share comments, knowledge, education, wisdom with everyone on!

We will try our best to keep you up-to-date with Healer Directory progress.  It will be fun.

There will be “Wiki Calendar”, “Wiki Blog” and other fun things… Internet Radio, FMG show (Hi Jody!) and Academy…
For now, we would say the Purpose of is to connecting People to People from all walks of life to sharing knowledge and wisdom for us to live Our Life Beautifully Every Day!

Thank you for Listening, Until Next Time with Love,

Vickie Eaton


  1. Nice comments - great philosophy (and techniques) - very holistic.

    Thanks, Kenton