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Thursday, June 13, 2013

About Vickie & Complete Wellness Network™

Hello my name is Vickie Tuong Vi Eaton, I am a Magikal Presenter.  My company name is Complete Wellness Network™.

I am an Internet Radio Show with the Loving Heart; actually I would like to think of my newest career choice as a Magikal Presenter. Magikal is written with a “k” instead of a “c” to differentiate with the “normal” magic and the true magik of being a human.

Being human is living in the wonder of this physical body and the mystery of the mind (New research says we have 5 brains, wow), with my own good will, spirit, visible and invisible energy, love, genius within, God and unlimited resources from the universe, it is like Alice in the Wonderland to me!

People say I have too many different jobs in too many different industries: Sales, Finance, Computer, Real Estate and then Healer Practitioner, Coach, Holistic Entrepreneur and Internet Radio Show Host (with a Vietnamese accent); I am like Jack of all trades and all of these are true. 

Thinking back, I see these various jobs gave me many different prospective and taught me many things. Plus I have the privilege of knowing many people from many walks of life, some with fun and loving memories, most were not. I think (I hope) I did learn my lessons very well. This is called experience, knowledge and wisdom, right?

Then about six years ago, I got really sick after a car accident; I became very overweight and ridden with many illnesses: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart murmur, borderline diabetes, acid reflux, asthma …you name it. One day I looked in the mirror, I broke down and cried. My wonderful doctor wants me to take lifetime medicine, which scarce the heck out of me, so I begged him to give me sometimes to get back in shape. 

I decided to heal myself as it was my practice 15 years ago, at that time, I did not know how to deal with negative energies, foreign entities, emotional stress, mental fatigue and spiritual confusion, I got really sick and had to quit. 

This time is different; I went back to school, holistic, natural, energy etc. etc.  I always have a tendency to do things to the extreme. Luckily, this time I am on the right path.  So far, I lost almost 50 pounds, looking and feeling younger, definitely happier and 110% more radiant in thoughts and in words. I use my brain much more with Photo Reading, Mind Mapping, Automatic Writing and connecting with my Inner Beauty and Inner Knowing (Genius) almost all the time.

I also have a kind of weird goal:  I want to live hundreds of years in a 30 year old body, 20/20 vision, full black hair, and no wrinkles on body and face and have all the funs I missed in the other working life. When it is time for me to go, I go in 2 seconds, maybe 3 (I am going to learn how to do this) and NNH (No Nursing Home, please).

Guess what, it is a reality for me right now. Ok, ok, I do not look like 30 year old YET, in 1 year I will, I think!  And I still have to take high blood pressure medicine, yes and I got rid of all the other illnesses. I can lap swimming nonstop for a couple hours, well at least last summer, too busy  have not gone to the pool for a few months, still in good shape though.  My friend Theresa took my pictures in a body suit in March, 2013, they are very cool; some day I will show them to you. 

Last summer, I also took YMCA Life Guard Certification class, and failed all 3 of the exams. Oh yeah? You think it is easy to pass these 3 exams? You think it is easier to compete with these 15-17 gorgeous year old kids? You want to try to see what happened then? Just kidding, imagine a Vietnamese senior woman in this class. I told them I want to be the oldest person to get Life Guard Certified, and it is probably true if I passed. LOL I did have tons of fun and learn how to swim a bit better and faster though.

Before I forget, I made a DVD and wrote an instruction book:  Self-Healing Facelift: Joy of Physical Beauty! Yeap, I am all face.  To get this booklet, please download it here: And I have a wonderful face cream, please have a look: 

You see, I always have blessings in my life, and you do too.  We all do.  Many times, we forget that we are born genius and always are genius.  Many times, we forget that we are beautiful no matter how we look outside.  Many times, we worry too much about too many things and we forgot that this experience is the only NOW experience we have on Earth and it is the most amazing life time journey that we are walking and living every day.  Many times, we forget to love ourselves.  Many times we forget that we have the power to heal ourselves and totally can be beautiful inside and out. Many times, we forget we are Being Human!
So, that is my story, thank you for listening or reading; I have created a few different programs using the tools I learned to be where I am now; I invite you to join me exploring the possibilities of living a beautiful, happy blessed life today and every day of our life.  Ah, yes, you do need to pay for them and you do have to clear, change and switch sad thoughts, empty your emotional and mental burdens. You may need to replace the Conductor, The Producer, The Translator, and The Image Maker in your head. You may need to rewrite the Actor’s character in your life even, yes and do not worry it is easier than you think and it is so much fun to have a new joyful life.
Before I forget, I made a DVD
Hope to see you soon. 
Contact information: Complete Wellness Network

Vickie Tuong Vi Eaton, Executive Director/Publisher
576 Valley Road #276
Wayne NJ 07470 USA
Phone: (888)80-4WELL
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Self-Healing Facelift (DVD & Instructional Book)
Book and Programs to (hope) be published in July 2013 Self-Healing Secrets: The Art of Cloning God.
1. Self-Healing Secrets
2. The Art of Self-Love
3. 7 Aspects of Life (Physical, Relationship, Spirit, Career/Work, Love)
4. 5 Brain Club: Photo Reading, Mind Mapping & Merging the Genius
5. HIV Research
6. Autism Research (Charity)
7. Pregnancy: Miracle of Life
8. Genius talk: Let them In
9. Your Face Your Body: The Cream That Changes Everything (MLM program)
10. 6 Pillars for Awesome Success (Automated website services)
11. Praying
12. Beautiful Finish


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Iridology Certification
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Life Activation and Spark of Light Certification
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Friday, February 1, 2013

True Life Purpose

Hello Beautiful People of Earth.   This is Vickie Eaton, the new face of
Kenton and I met a few months ago, we clicked right away.  Kenton was ready to go for new adventures in the far land opportunities, while I was in search for a place to fulfill my healing destiny practice.
So we connected, and so here we are.
In my grand desire to update, I got to know Rommel Pendre and his team.  And we became a team.  We are rebuilding, the desire and purpose is to bring people and healer practitioners together locally, nationally and internationally.  It is also be a place to respect and connect both Western and Eastern Medicine, as we in society together, as we are on Earth together.
My friend Sylvia and I were going to record the first blog called True Life Purpose some weeks ago, but for whatever reason, we never did.  Kenton did the last blog introducing me and it takes me until today to formerly saying Hello to you.

Hello, Beautiful People on Earth!  Or should I say: Hello All 12 Race on Earth?  Anyway, Hello and Welcome!

The other day Sylvia and I had a conversation about finding our TRUE purpose, Sylvia Vega Ortiz is a wonderful healer practitioner, and she has so many talents and has helped me in many ways with Mother and other personal things.  
We were talking about abundance, Sylvia said:  It is amazing that one can have so much abundance and not enough prosperity!!!  We rolled on the floor laughing.   It is true; one can have so much abundance and yet still be the starving artists, especially in Healer Practitioner field.  I think it may be the new name to replace “Unknown Talented Artists” or Starving Artists long time ago.
We asked the question WHY we have so many challenges many times in our life.

Well, perhaps that is because we do not follow our True Purpose? Then what is our true purpose?  How do we find it? How do we know it is our Truth?  What makes it our Truth?  How do we go about to live, work and fulfill our purpose on Earth on this third dimension? How do we move forward?  What are the tools and knowledge we should use? How do we know it help people?  Etc. etc….

Big questions, No easy answers! 
Sylvia also mentioned that if the Root Chakra, “the tail bone” is not in alignment with the body for some reason, and it would be harder to achieve True Purpose.
So, on that premises, I went to see a Chiropractor Dr. Wulster of Denville, NJ last month to check out my tailbone.  Amazing, I found out that my neck bone is locked, my lower back bone is also lock solidly and my tail bone is crooked.    I am pretty healthy you know, and these findings are totally new and surprising.  WOW.  Since then, with the help of wonderful Dr. Wulster, the curve on my neck came back; I do not have shoulder and lower back pain anymore.
Then I met Dr. Jack Herd and Debra Cruel, Dr. Steven, John Altshuler, Levelle, Dexter… The Laminine team with this awesome Dietary Supplement… My circle just expands 10 folds because of this wonderful team and this wonder product.  Could this Laminine be a miracle dietary supplement that would help millions of people?  May be, May be Not, I am using it now and will find out and will report to you soon.
Well, come back to questions and answers of True Life Purpose:  We have lots of questions, not too many answers, BUT, we are continuing to work on them.  J .  Come, please and share comments, knowledge, education, wisdom with everyone on!

We will try our best to keep you up-to-date with Healer Directory progress.  It will be fun.

There will be “Wiki Calendar”, “Wiki Blog” and other fun things… Internet Radio, FMG show (Hi Jody!) and Academy…
For now, we would say the Purpose of is to connecting People to People from all walks of life to sharing knowledge and wisdom for us to live Our Life Beautifully Every Day!

Thank you for Listening, Until Next Time with Love,

Vickie Eaton

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

CompWellness Network Changing Management and Expanding in the New Era

Good News!  Vickie T Eaton, an Ordained Minister, doctor of Metaphysics, Healing Practitioner and Multi-Dimensional Marketing Professional in New Jersey discovered CompWellness Network and purchased the rights to it.  She has great plans to:
  • Redesign and enhance the site,
  • Re-align its mission to its non-profit roots, changing it to "A Holistic Healing Academy" and renaming the site to
  • Connect to her other holistic sites
  • Tapping into her Asian heritage as well as many years in the US, garner excellent help from the US, Vietnam, the Philippines and other areas of the World
  • Provide more opportunities to the practitioners and the public
  • Post regularly to these pages
Look for her exciting announcements and many enhancements to

Her profile is at and will be more robust on other social-media pages soon, but I'd like to highlight some of the areas that enhance her ability to serve you well:
  • Holistic Practitioner
  • Co-Author, Presenter & Spokeperson
  • Fund raising for Local, National & International Charities & Non-Profit Organizations
  • Publish information to help the public achieving great health, longevity, beauty, prosperity and happiness.
  • Success in Multi-Dimensional Marketing
  • Total Face care for hair, skin, mouth, neck, spine, feet
  • Massage, Acupressure, Organic Oils, Creams, Scrubs
  • Vietnamese blogger
  • Lifestyle, Leisure Travel, Club Resort Condo Membership sales, Lifestyle Affiliate Network
  • Certified Life Activation, Distant Healing, Jikiden Reiki and Iridologist 
I have been honored and blessed to provide Complementary Health information and business guidance for you, the public, practitioners and associated businesses since 1996.

I'll be around as a Consultant to Ms Eaton and her Team, and might even answer the Health Line once in a while as we transition fully to her.

I'm now working on many other fronts to amplify start-up projects and facilitate ownership transitions ala  If you are real estate, high-tech business or eco-friendly mining and energy oriented, I invite you to look at participating in our lucrative operations, especially for those nearing retirement.

Happy Holidays and a Great new Year in this New Era of Aquarius, Kenton H Johnson, (302)KentonJ

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 FOR SALE, Ready for Accelerated Rebirth and Growth + January Tweets

Dear Health Friends-

The international complementary/alternative/holistic/integrative health site,, was on the verge of shutting down, but with "with a little help form our friends," it survived.

Instead of putting the "ol' horse" to sleep, we decided the "ol' speeder" could be easily refurbished into a serious machine by an enterprising individual or group. We could take a small down payment then monthlies after that.

So, the decision was made to put it up FOR SALE rather than turn it off to the 1000's of people it serves monthly. It does have a FOR SALE background on nearly every page, but a little hint: the background disappears when printing.

The member lists (without FOR SALE) and paid websites will continue without interruption.

The three CompWellness Yahoo Groups are nearly merged into 21cWellness.

Here's an exact tweet-sized message for you to post on as many social networks as you wish:

Int'l complementary health site FOR SALE * Many features/opportunities ready for massive accelerated growth/profit *

By the way, we're using HootSuite to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Follow us there for a couple of excellent health messages or "Re-Tweets" each day.

Many of our Tweets follow from late December and January

@mercola: Monsanto to Face Biopiracy Charges in India. GMOs 31 Jan

Note "Startup Loans for Entrepreneurs With Bad Credit" Feedback appreciated. 31 Jan

@mercola: I recommend searching for a high-quality, 100% organic-based turmeric supplement. 31 Jan

@mercola: Victory for Virginia on reversing previous requirement about girls receiving HPV vaccines before 6th grade! 31 Jan

@mercola: Contrary to the claim, genetic engineering has not increased the yield of a single crop. GMOs 31 Jan

@BrianTracy: Ditch your bad habits. Develop helpful habits of success by practicing & repeating success behaviors till they become automatic 31 Jan

@mercola TAKE NOTE: The HPV vaccine has NOT been proven to actually prevent cervical cancer. 30 Jan

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@Mercola Studies now demonstrate that your child's diet has a direct impact on his or her cognitive function. 24 Jan

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@Roland_Thomas BAC Academy 2012 - book now for webinar / teleconference - join and meet Roland Thomas, ND and Michael Kiriac, PhD 9 Jan

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@Mercola For a child with ADHD, consider a natural drug alternative such as the pine bark extract known as pycnogenol. 18 Jan

@Mercola Minimize your use of nearly all processed fats, especially trans fats as they disrupt nerve cell intercommunication. 18 Jan

@Mercola HEALTHBIT: Drugs are known to cause well over 100,000 deaths per year when taken as prescribed. 18 Jan

@Mercola World Health Organization Urges Phasing Out of Dental Amalgam. 17 Jan

@Mercola How to Starve Cancer Out of Your Body - Avoid These Top 4 Cancer-Feeding Foods. 14 Jan

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@Mercola Exercise May Encourage Healthy Eating Via Brain 13 Jan

@mercola Eat Like a Caveman [or wild animal, and don't watch much TV] to Protect Your Brain From Shrinking. diet 7 Jan

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@Mercola Why You Should Avoid Soy Like the Plague. food 2 Jan

@Med_Tourism "When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money." ~Susan Heller 30 Dec

@Mercola Are you getting enough vitamin D? If not, be sure to read health 29 Dec

@Med_Tourism 12 trips to save for in 2012 tourism 30 Dec

@Mercola Chiropractors and Naturopaths - Are They Dangerous? natural 30 Dec

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


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We Need Donations to Keep going - have only had 1 donation in 12 years on the Internet, yet we've had more than 665,000 visitors and hundreds of inbound hot-line calls! (Go figure.)

Check it out -- $1-2 a month can make a big different in maintaining this 15-year old service to CO, US and now the world.

(The first of four FREE Complementary Healing Guide books, as part of our collaboration with Complementary Healthcare practitioners, was started in 1996 and distributed in 1997 to help pass the Colorado Alternative Medicine Bill of 1997.)


We wish you a safe and fun New Year's celebration and a tremendous 2012.

May you be healthy, wealthy and wise beyond your expectations (though expecting is most powerful).

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