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CompWellness Full-Spectrum Healthcare

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

CompWellness Network Changing Management and Expanding in the New Era

Good News!  Vickie T Eaton, an Ordained Minister, doctor of Metaphysics, Healing Practitioner and Multi-Dimensional Marketing Professional in New Jersey discovered CompWellness Network and purchased the rights to it.  She has great plans to:
  • Redesign and enhance the site,
  • Re-align its mission to its non-profit roots, changing it to "A Holistic Healing Academy" and renaming the site to
  • Connect to her other holistic sites
  • Tapping into her Asian heritage as well as many years in the US, garner excellent help from the US, Vietnam, the Philippines and other areas of the World
  • Provide more opportunities to the practitioners and the public
  • Post regularly to these pages
Look for her exciting announcements and many enhancements to

Her profile is at and will be more robust on other social-media pages soon, but I'd like to highlight some of the areas that enhance her ability to serve you well:
  • Holistic Practitioner
  • Co-Author, Presenter & Spokeperson
  • Fund raising for Local, National & International Charities & Non-Profit Organizations
  • Publish information to help the public achieving great health, longevity, beauty, prosperity and happiness.
  • Success in Multi-Dimensional Marketing
  • Total Face care for hair, skin, mouth, neck, spine, feet
  • Massage, Acupressure, Organic Oils, Creams, Scrubs
  • Vietnamese blogger
  • Lifestyle, Leisure Travel, Club Resort Condo Membership sales, Lifestyle Affiliate Network
  • Certified Life Activation, Distant Healing, Jikiden Reiki and Iridologist 
I have been honored and blessed to provide Complementary Health information and business guidance for you, the public, practitioners and associated businesses since 1996.

I'll be around as a Consultant to Ms Eaton and her Team, and might even answer the Health Line once in a while as we transition fully to her.

I'm now working on many other fronts to amplify start-up projects and facilitate ownership transitions ala  If you are real estate, high-tech business or eco-friendly mining and energy oriented, I invite you to look at participating in our lucrative operations, especially for those nearing retirement.

Happy Holidays and a Great new Year in this New Era of Aquarius, Kenton H Johnson, (302)KentonJ

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